Simplify the
Building Approval Process

The primary goal of WABCA’s Private Building Certification Service is to facilitate a fast and smooth building approval process for our residential & commercial clients in Perth.

As a licensed building surveyor in Perth, we help you thorough the process of getting a building permit for your project. Our team of experienced building surveyors & certifiers streamline and expediate the assessment process by meticulously assessing every application against the Building Code of Australia. We make the whole process easy for you.

We issue Certificates of Design Compliance (CDC) for building projects ranging from minor alterations and additions such as patios and sheds, to more complex new residential and commercial constructions.

  • Reduce council delays

  • Save time and money

  • Professional advice

  • Experienced Building Surveyors & Certifiers

  • Cost effective solutions

Our Role in the Building Approval Process

All building permit applications need to be certified by a licensed building surveyor and that’s what we do.

As a building certifier, or sometimes referred to as a private building surveying contractor, we are responsible for making sure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and liveable.

We have access to a whole range of professionals thorough our company’s divisions to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to comply with building regulations and the Building Code of Australia.

In fact, if you’d like to save time and money, make use of our full range of services from design through to building approval and on completion of works, get all the necessary inspections and certificates of construction compliance.

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Residential Building Certification

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Commercial Building Certification

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We Supply
Certificates of Compliance

A certificate of compliance is required before a building permit, occupancy permit or building approval certificate can be granted by a permit authority. We ensure all documentation & plans comply with the Building Code of Australia before issuing the certificate of design compliance.

  • Certify the design of new building work meets the applicable building standards.

  • Certify the building has been built in accordance with the specified plans and specifications.

  • Certify existing buildings meet the applicable building standards for temporary or permanent changes of use or classification, or when a building is being strata titled or retrospectively approved.

  • Certify the building in its current form is safe to occupy and use in the way proposed.

  • Obtain necessary statutory approvals as part of the certificate of design compliance.

  • Process, liaise with the FES Commissioner if required for certain Class 2 to Class 9 commercial buildings.

  • Carry out inspections and issue certificates of construction compliance to accompany an application for an occupancy permit for Class 2 to Class 9 buildings.

Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC)

A certificate of design compliance (CDC) is required in order to obtain a building permit from the permit authority to construct a building or incidental structure. The Building Act requires a CDC to be in an approved form and contain a statement by the building surveyor that the building will comply with each applicable building standard if the building is completed in accordance with the specified plans and specifications.

Certificate of Construction Compliance

A certificate of construction compliance (CCC) is required in order to obtain an occupancy permit from the permit authority to occupy a newly completed Class 2 to Class 9 building or a newly completed part of the building eg addition to a building.

Certificate of Building Compliance

A certificate of building compliance (CBC) is required in order to obtain: i. an occupancy permit, other than an occupancy permit required for a completed building or an incomplete building for which a CCC would be required; ii. a building approval certificate; iii. an occupancy permit strata; or iv. a building approval certificate strata.

What Sets Us Apart

Our clients have told us they choose WABCA because we support them every step of the way.


Effective Communication

Clear, concise reports & advice. Understandable concepts & quick response to technical queries.


Practical Solutions

We offer practical and cost-effective options to solving compliance issues.


Consistency & Expertise

Our technical skills & experience deliver accurate, qualified assessments of building projects.


Project Delivery

Our good management of the compliance process always delivers a timely project outcome.